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Welcome to the month of April, and welcome to Vier at GermanMind.

Learning a second language is not just about memory, but processing the words, understanding their meaning, and being able to communicate them efficiently.

This month GermanMind wants to help you improve your German language skills with 4 hints, tips or tricks everyday, that’s 120 lessons in total! Each week the schedule of learning tips will include verbs, nouns, adjectives, phrases and more. Check out the schedule below:

Montag - 4 verbs

Dienstag - 4 nouns + articles

Mittwoch - 4 sentence with an accusative object

Donnerstag - 4 questions with modal verbs

Freitag - 4 adjectives

Samstag - 4 phrases

Sonntag - 4 verbs with prepositions

Verbs are at the heart of every sentence, and it is essential you understand these to communicate effectively. Let’s get started… check our Instagram for all details.


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