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What to expect from a group course!

Our group courses run for 6 weeks with 8 students maximum per group, with one passionate, enthusiastic native German teacher. Our small virtual classroom is the perfect study environment with huge progress for every student.

We offer various levels of group learning in German, from beginner, intermediate to advanced. Over 75% of our students in our online group classes progress to the next course, and graduate from our school with an advanced level of German. See our student stories for more on why they keep coming back to learn German with us.

Group dynamics with individual care

Our native German teachers are passionate about the language, and are dedicated to teaching it to our students in the most fun, interactive and engaging way.

Having a group dynamic online allows students to speak with each other in class, practise pronunciation, assist each other with exercises and present ideas and showcases as a group to the class.

The German teacher understands the needs and goals of each student from the first class, and will emphasise learning activities and skills needed for each student, while allowing them to freely participate and enhance these skills in the group setting.

Every student is given the same homework and extracurricular activities, however each one is asked individually about their progress, their work and their needs each week.

Our students are our family, and we want every study to excel in our native tongue and reach their study goals.

Intensive learning in a fun environment

Our 6 week courses cover a lot of material from our dedicated German language textbook and workbook. Each week you will cover one or even two chapters in your textbook, and complete listening, reading, writing and speaking exercises in class. Although class is just 2 hours long, you will also complete an hour of homework to increase the German language retention and comprehension, and you will be encouraged to undertake extracurricular activities such as reading, listening to German radio, watching German tv and so forth. All students have access to an exclusive German language library where you can download our app and look at the various resources available to increase your learning.

Our learning approach is immersive and engaging, and instills confidence and power in every student.

Practical learning and skills every week

We follow the The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, Teaching, Assessment (CERF). This EU framework provides the highest method of teaching German alongside the high quality educational resources used at GermanMind.

Our textbooks and workbooks are used for all language levels, providing practical and effective learning for all students.

Depending on what level group course you study, each week your vocabulary, grammar, comprehension, reading, writing and speaking improves and grows at an accelerated performance rate. All subjects offer practical learning for everyday German, to business German, informal and formal, taking into account each student's goals.

Beginner students for example will know how to say their name, age, location, origin, marital status, job and general introductions after their first class. Each week the class reviews the previous week's work and each student will speak about what they have learned, and the language comprehension expands and excels in new topics and areas as the 6 weeks proceed.

We pride ourselves on small classes= big progress.

GermanMind has the right German group course for you, but if you are unsure, you can take our free level test and we can place you in the right group course. We currently have a promotion on beginner courses with €50 off for all new students, limited places available, book now.

Our next online German course is starting at the end of May, we can’t wait to see you there!


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