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Are you a Beginner! Great, see you soon for your German Beginner Course!

For our German Beginner Courses here at GermanMind, there is no knowledge of the German language required.  With us, you will start learning German from scratch. Hurray! In our Beginner A1.1 courses, you learn the phonetics of the German language, basic phrases and expressions in the first class - ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW! We also teach you how you can make yourself understood: introduction, ordering in a restaurant, managing everyday situations in general. We focus on small classes of 8 students max. to ensure the quality of our courses. Small classes & BIG progress for our students! You will learn, how to talk about your abilities, and your leisure time activities, how to give others compliments, and ask about their hobbies. The course addresses all four levels of language learning - listening, speaking, reading, and writing. We are looking forward to seeing you soon for your first German course with us.  And if you are not a German Beginner anymore - wunderbar! Have a look at our timetable!


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