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Check our timetable: German Online Group courses in May

Group lessons are now online!! Our German online classes are very popular, small group makes for a nice environment in which people feel safe to express themselves and ask questions without feeling silly. After years and years of teaching I have found that people tend to work well in these groups as they are most comfortable in small groups and/or when a friendly face explains something to them in a group discussion via a certain way, it might stick with them a bit more! E.g. how some brains are different and people learn best by doing/speaking among each oher rather than a book

All teachers here at GermanMind are here because we love our jobs. 75% of our students book follow-up courses. We love this high rate! Thank you, students!

We are committed to our student´s needs and we will do everything we can to keep you motivated and progressing in your language-learning journey.


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