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September is the best time to learn German

Happy New (School) Year! Like many other schools, GermanMind celebrates a new academic year every September, welcoming in new students, and saying hallo again to our existing students.

With just 12 weeks of classes, that’s just two course periods until Christmas, now is the perfect time to enrol in our online German classes, and develop your German language skills before places fill up.

Now let’s discover why September is the perfect month to begin:

Academic connection -Join your children, your peers, your colleagues, whoever you know that is returning to school in some capacity, and up-skill with them. As they begin their new academic year, you can join them in study lessons, homework, mid term breaks, and of course all the class fun with friends, and weekends off! You can have a goal setting partner, an accountability buddy who will motivate you when learning German!

Become a German mind by Christmas -In just 12 weeks of class (2 courses), you can complete the full beginner course (A1.1, A1.2), and part of the pre-intermediate (A2.1, A2.2) intermediate (B1.1, B1.2) and upper-intermediate (B2.2) courses. Your German language level will dramatically increase with 24 hours of in class learning, as well as extra curricular activities and homework, developing your comprehension, reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. Our students can’t believe how good they are at German in such a short space of time, just check out what our students had to say here.

European Day of Languages- September 26th is the European Day of Languages, and a day we celebrate Europe’s second most popular language - German! Did you know over 130 million people speak German as their first language, and right now in 2021, 14.2 million people worldwide are learning the German language! Join the masses on the European Day of Languages and start your German language journey with us.

Autumn/Winter activity- learning German is the perfect activity for those cold, rainy evenings at home as the sun sets a little earlier everyday. Our classes begin from 6.30pm onwards, and last for 2 hours, giving our students enough time to complete their work day, enjoy high-class German education, and still have some time to unwind before bed.

With just weeks to go, now is the time to embrace the German language and avail of our exclusive offer of 10% off all group courses, for a limited time only. Use code German at checkout.

With a 5-star rating in teaching German, our native German teachers focus on students goals and progression, with exclusive offerings to enhance your learning experience in a fun and interactive way.

If you are serious about learning German, GermanMind is the only choice!


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