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How to learn German fast

You want to learn German in a short space of time, you only have a few months before you move to Berlin, and learning German is integral to your career success. Can you do it? With GermanMind the answer is YES!

Often students come to us to learn German quickly to achieve a career goal or to help them transition smoothly to a new life in Germany. Yes learning a new language can be challenging, it can take time, but with these 5 simple steps will help you master the German language in no time.

  • Speak German everyday

Grammar, vocabulary, reading and writing can take time, but if you master your speech, the rest will follow suit. Read aloud daily, speak to family and friends, repeat your class activities while practising your pronunciation. Speaking German every day will allow your memory and vocal muscles to create a new habit and daily ritual which will improve daily.

  • Think in German

You will never be fluent in German until you think in German. Translate the language around your everyday activities of going to the shops, driving to work, getting lunch etc and when you think of them, think of them in German in your mind. Speaking German daily will help this act, but this useful practice will excel your learning and create longevity of the language.

  • German Media

There is no better way to throw yourself into the German language than to watch, read and listen to German media. Watch German tv shows, Netflix movies, listen to a German podcast, German radio, read German news online, translate websites into German. Embracing the language even with Google translate or subtitles on will allow you to gain skills in listening, reading and comprehension of German. Spend some time every day with a German media source, and watch your skills improve.There are multiple resources exclusively available to GermanMind students in our Student Library

  • Find a language partner

Whether it is a fellow student in class, a friend you can practice with, or a language buddy online, having a language partner will not only make the journey more fun, but it will also help hold you accountable to your goals. You both can set weekly goals and tasks and discuss progress with each other, as well as gaining real life language practice.

  • Have fun

If you are having fun you are more likely to succeed at anything in life, and this is true for learning German online. GermanMind is renowned for its fun and interactive classroom, where students excel in the German language because we make the journey fun with cool activities, relaxed classroom atmosphere, friendly native teachers, and of course ambitious students who make it all worthwhile. Remember why you are learning German, and have some fun doing it!

For the month of June we have a great offer where new students receive €50 off all beginner courses. 6 weeks of fun education in Ireland’s leading German language school, what are you waiting for? Book now!


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