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New Online German Courses are starting in May!

Are you thinking about learning German online? Good decision! While working from, we are all looking for distraction and something nice to do at home. At GermanMind, we now focus on learning German online with our lovely native German teachers.

We have probably all just heard and saw Leo Varadkar coronavirus lockdown announcemen from this evening in which Taoiseach outlines a 'roadmap' for ending restrictions.

What does that mean for you and your German learning plans? Join our German online courses. We just added 4 new online German courses!! AND we will have more online courses starting soon. Hurray!!

We know: Some of our students lost their jobs or a temporary unemployed - we will continue offering all our German private classes and German group courses for a reduced price. Check our timetable and see the offers!

Self isolation because of corona virus is only temporary and not forever!

Keep an eye on our website, guys, we will update our next German courses shortly!

Are you new to the German language? Don´t worry, we have got you covered!

Our A1.1 course covers providing basic information about yourself, and asking for basic information of others, talk about your family, German phonetics, and numbers. You will learn, how to talk about your abilities, and your leisure time activities, how to give others compliments, and ask about their hobbies. Furthermore, you will dive into German grammar, and learn about pronouns, possessive articles (mein, dein), asking questions, basic sentence structure, cases (especially the accusative case to express, what you have, what you need, what you eat, or drink), separable verbs, and the perfect tense, to talk about what you did in the past. The course addresses all four levels of language learning - listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Keep safe, keep happy, keep motivated. We are in this together and we will see you online :)

Learn German online!


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