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What to do now...

How do you connect now? How do you make your life and leisure time enjoyably? It’s like the entire world is sailing through the same choppy waters ⛵⚓We are all boats chugging along in the raging ocean... We wave at the passers-by on their boats, their passengers so close, yet so far.⚓ Lucky for us though, unlike those who endured the Spanish flu of 1918, we have the lifeline of technology. And we use it sll day long: we work remotely from home in front of our laptops, we meet our friends online via Zoom & Co., our fitness classes take place online,.... and so do our GERMAN COURSES & GERMAN 1 ON 1 CLASSES ♡ all German levels! Almost every evening! Saturdays!

And we love it! YES! We love teaching German - online or in our school here in Dublin.

At GermanMind, we don’t let a lockdown tell us our life is now stalled. It’s not. It requires adjustment, acceptance, and some calm in the face of a lot of uncertainty. But it doesn’t mean there isn’t space for play, joy, learning (German), helping make others smile... We might be in a slump, nay, a panic, but that doesn’t mean better knowledge of the German language can’t find its way out of this... join our group courses. We currently offer a 20% discount on our online German courses and private classes!


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