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Communication Goals at GermanMind

All our students come to class with varying German language goals, some want to become fluent, some want to learn for fun and others want to improve their current German language skills to enhance their career.

Regardless of our students' motivation in learning German online with us, our main goal for all of them is simple - understanding. From day one in class all students speak German and learn some phrases, vocabulary and sentence structure to express themselves. It is important to deep dive into the German language on day one and become at ease and eventually confident in speaking and understanding German.

Our classes are based upon the 4 key language skills - listening, speaking, reading and writing. In addition each student will also learn grammar and vocabulary every week, creating a dynamic learning environment that is practical, fun and interactive for all.

Listening - at the start of each class our native German teachers will have an informal chat with the students, asking them about their day, their homework and asking them to listen carefully to how the teachers ask the questions, and how he/she pronounces each word. During class we will also be doing listening activities where students will match phrases to what they hear, try to decipher which statements are true or false, and try to use their listening ear to understand words and phrases that are new to them.

Speaking - this can be one of the most daunting tasks in class, especially for beginner students, however our friendly learning environment, and small classes allow the students to be at ease when speaking German for the first time. We don’t need you to have the pronunciation correct at the first time, we only ask that you try and get yourself comfortable with the vocabulary. Each student will read out loud in every class, as well as asking and answering questions with their fellow students. Usually after two or three weeks, our German students will speak with a confident approach and learn to pronounce words better and be able to speak independently when asked.

Reading - as mentioned above, each student will read aloud in class every week, as well as being assigned reading homework. Reading German allows the students some time to match up what they have learnt so far and become familiar with sentence structure and the spelling of words. Reading also helps with grammar and understanding different tenses and uses of different words.

Writing - the German language has some of the longest words in the world, and also has additional letters in alphabet, the letter ß, and three unlautated forms of vowels ä, ö, ü. These are taught in week one to allow students to become familiar with writing and speaking using these letters. Again depending on the goals of the students, it is important to know how to write the words, phrases and sentences learnt in class every week, and being able to answer questions and complete activities in written German improves the overall grasp and longevity of the language.

We have 5 levels of learning German online at GermanMind, A1 Beginner German, A2 Pre Intermediate Level German, B1 Intermediate Level German, B2 Upper Intermediate Level German, and C1 Advanced Level German. Our native German teachers are passionate about teaching German in an enjoyable and fun way where students understand and embrace the language. Like going to the gym to improve your physical strength and ability, our teachers request daily exercises to increase your German language skills, resulting in that pivotal goal of German language comprehension.

June Beginner classes are now €50 off for all new students, with guaranteed results and lots of fun. Do you not know what level German class you should be in? No problem, contact us for a FREE level test today.


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